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Crown Lengthening East Wenatchee WA

Dental Crown Lengthening in East Wenatchee, Washington with Johnson Family DentalCrown lengthening can be commonly referred to as a crown-extension or even crown-elongation. As its name suggests, crown lengthening is performed when a tooth is not long enough for proper retention during a restorative procedure such as putting on a crown. This is a surgical method that results in a restored and functional tooth that will last for much longer than if left as-is.

Why Crown Lengthening?

In the event a tooth develops a crack or a substantial cavity, beyond the capability of a root canal to fix, a crown is the best way to bring restoration and functionality back to the damaged and/or decayed tooth. Sometimes, the cavity will even extend into and under the gumline which makes the predictability of a standard crown's potential to be sufficient far too uncertain. Crown lengthening provides the best solution by allowing more of the tooth's structure to be restored in a comprehensive approach, granting the crown a stronger and more satisfactory hold.

The Process of Crown Lengthening

Due to the surgical nature of this dental procedure, numbing will be thorough to ensure the patient's comfort during the entire process. Once completely numb, the periodontist, or dentist, will begin to reshape the contour of the extra gum tissue as well as the bone tissue. This will allow for maximum exposure to the natural structure of the tooth and will provide a better foundation for a long-lasting and functional crown. Once this is complete, the crown can then be placed on the more exposed tooth with the expectation of a practical and durable future. Because the bone structure is altered and even sometimes removed, every effort is made to ensure your comfort.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Crown Lengthening Is The Right Procedure:

•  End results make for longer-lasting restored teeth.
•  In some circumstances, the new gumline's appearance is aesthetically improved.
•  The new contours of the gumline make the restored tooth easier to keep clean than before the procedure.
•  Often times, without the crown lengthening procedure, the deeply decayed or damaged tooth would need to be fully extracted, leaving behind an unsightly gap.

Crown lengthening may or may not be the right dental procedure for you. Not all individuals who require a crown will end up needing this procedure. However, when the crack or cavity is too deep for a standard crown, the outcome of this process yields a much higher quality long term prognosis. With an easier to clean tooth, adequate brushing and regular flossing will ensure that you get the most life out of the new crown.

We Want To Welcome You and Yours into Our Family Practice!

Dr. Kevin Johnson enjoys helping all ages of patients and has the experience to help you achieve your best oral health. The family and cosmetic dental services that our family practice provides will give you something to smile about.

Our number is (509) 886-8833 or we encourage you to feel free to just stop in and meet us. We service Waterville, Quincy, Wenatchee, Cashmere, East Wenatchee, Leavenworth and surrounding areas.
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Crown Lengthening • Johnson Family Dental • East Wenatchee, WA
Crown lengthening in East Wenatchee, WA, is offered by Johnson Family Dental. We are very committed to your complete oral health and radiant smile!
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