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Dental Bridges
East Wenatchee, WA

Dental Bridges in East Wenatchee, Washington with Johnson Family DentalA dental bridge is a prosthetic that replaces one or more missing teeth.

It can be supported by natural teeth, by a combination of natural teeth and implants, or only by a dental implant.

The missing tooth is replaced by a dental crown, thus preventing the other teeth from misaligning, causing further problems.

If you lack some of your teeth and are looking for the best way to replace them, you have to contact us at Johnson Family Dental.

The Application of a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is made by creating a dental crown for each missing tooth needed to fill the space left by the missing teeth.

Today, although there are still mobile prostheses, it is preferable to replace a dental element with a fixed bridge compared to a mobile bridge.

Whenever possible, we want to replace the teeth using a dental implant and a bridge that sits on that implant, as it holds the teeth in place best.

A dental crown can be applied to natural teeth or on top of implants.

When the dental implant is not chosen, the natural teeth will be trimmed down slightly so that they can be capped while holding the new crown in place.

This a main reason why more and more people opt for fixed bridges and the use of implants.

There are also adhesive bridges, which are less expensive than traditional ones because the adjacent teeth need less preparation. However, they are not very resistant and are contraindicated for areas of the mouth where the chewing forces are intense.

Dental Implant or Mobile Bridge?

To replace a missing tooth with a mobile bridge it is necessary to file the adjacent teeth to make a bridge. The pillars are the adjacent teeth, and the girder is the missing tooth that needs to be replaced.

The teeth can become hypersensitive from the trimming process, which is another reason for the crown.

Precisely for this reason, today we are increasingly considering the possibility of replacing the missing teeth with an implant, i.e. new teeth connected to a new titanium root.

Even if all the teeth are missing, because then we have the option of the All-on-4® Treatment Concept.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges require an operation where we perform the installation of a titanium root in the bone.

In addition to the operation, the difference between a fixed and a mobile dental bridge lies in the fact that the prosthetic part, the teeth, is supported by the implants instead of the natural teeth.

This is the solution suitable for replacing several teeth, also to distribute chewing pressure more evenly.

Both movable bridges and implant bridges have advantages and disadvantages, and all options must be well evaluated based on your specific needs.

To know what to do you just have to call us at the number (509) 886-8833 to speak to a Johnson Family Dental professional. We can then set up a time to see you and discuss your individual needs and what treatment options we believe would suit you best.

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