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Dentures vs Implants
East Wenatchee, WA

Rendering of removable partial denture from Johnson Family Dental in East Wenatchee, WAMissing teeth can significantly affect your oral health as well as your self-esteem. While tooth loss is fairly common, people today have much higher access to dental solutions than they did in the past.

At Johnson Family Dental, we work tirelessly to restore the confidence in your smile. Thanks to the emergence of dental technology and better treatment options, it is much easier to find a replacement for your missing tooth today than ever before.

Dentures and dental implants are among such solutions that help keep your mouth healthy and your confidence intact. However, in case you’re having trouble deciding between the two, here are some benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Dentures vs Implants: What Are They?

If you’re missing a set of teeth instead of just one here or there, dentures are the right option for you. They are removable replacements of your teeth that come in either a full or a partial set.

There’s a common misconception surrounding the definition of a dental implant. People often use it interchangeably with a dental bridge. However, the two are worlds apart from each other. While a dental bridge fills the gap of a missing tooth, it doesn’t replace a tooth root and is also not a permanent solution.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are permanent replacements of your teeth. While they’re slightly more costly than dentures, they lead to fewer visits to your dentist and are relatively easier to maintain.

Why Do You Need Them?

Deciding whether or not you need dentures or implants is a good place to start before you take the plunge. Has your confidence taken a hit ever since you lost your tooth or teeth? Whether it’s a no or a yes, remember that dental fixes don’t only exist to boost your confidence.

They’re an absolute necessity when it comes to maintaining your oral and general health. When your gums are exposed for long periods of time, bacteria and food particles can easily get stuck in them. From here on, they lead to bigger complications over time such as diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, missing teeth can also have an impact on your jaw as they make the structure of your mouth more uneven.

Are Dentures the Right Fit For You?

Dentures are a great option for people with weak or unhealthy jaws. They’re much less expensive when compared to dental implants and they also allow you to remove them whenever you like. However, they aren’t for everyone.

They can slip out of their place while speaking or eating if they are not secured with denture adhesive properly. In case of loose fitting dentures, they may end up causing more harm than good.

Are Implants the Right Fit For You?

Dental implants are much more comfortable and also appear more natural than any other option. However, on the downside, it is more expensive and also slightly more invasive than the rest of the options.

Help Us Find the Right Fit For You

If you’re weighing your options, now should be a great time to contact us at (509) 886-8833. At Johnson Family Dental, our esteemed professionals, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Kevin Johnson, are ever ready to help you make the right decision by explaining the benefits and differences between dentures, implants, and bridges in greater detail.
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Dentures vs Implants East Wenatchee, WA | Johnson Family
If you're weighing your options between dentures, implants, and bridges, our professionals at Johnson Family Dental would love to help you decide! Call today!
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